Packed Lunche différent ages and preferences according.

The Packed Lunches

The food baskets are composed of a starter, a hot dish or cold dish, cheese and dessert, apple crumble or pie home or sesonal fruits and a botle of wine;

Choice Lunchbox:

The formula basket trapper to 15 euros/per adult, 8 euros, child-12 years consists of:

-Tartine gourmet, plate cold cuts, cheese and fruit or apple crumble-house, local wine, drink and bread included.


Formula gourmet basket at 25 euros/per adult, 12 euros per child -12 years consists of: 

-Salad Gizzards or rice salad; paella, cassoulet or stew; cheese, crumble or pie home, local wine, drink and bread included.


The child formula - 12 years 10 euros/child consists of:

-Charcuterie rillettes, paté, chicken, baked potato, apple crumble house, seasonal fruit, beverage, bread.


The romantic package includes one night for 2 people, a catering menu,(Jean-Marc Boyer, chef of Lastours restaurant) you will dine by candlelight, champagne and wine included,a rose bouquet, rose petals scattered in the cabin, bedding, pillows, towels, soap, this formula is 180 euros.


These baskets are ordered on the day of booking the cabin.